Sunday, 8 January 2012

Project pan: 2012 resolution...

Recently whilst going through my collection of makeup I noticed many products which I hadn't used in a while, so I decided to do the project pan which  is quite popular with the youtube beauty community. These are the products I chose:
-Revlon photoready foundation (I like it but I have SO many other foundations too).
-MAC blush Dollymix (I stopped using it for a while and it is quite expensive so I need to start using it more often, even though it is a very bright blush)
- L'Oreal primer (I don't like it but it needs to be used up)
-MAC fix + (I like this product but have forgotten about it for a while, I need to start using it up again).
MAC studio sculpt concealer (LOVE this concealer but I know that I will end up buying another one when I don't need it so I am going to try & use it all up before buying another).
- Rimmel stay matte powder (purchased this before being given the MAC MSF natural and now have forgotten about it, I am going to try and use it up even though I have already hit pan).

-Rimmel day to night mascara (Love this mascara, but I usually end up buying another before I need one so I am going to try and get my moneys worth of this product).
-GOSH pencil eyeliner (I don't usually like pencil eyeliner so I need to use this up as otherwise it will be a waste).
-Benefit cream shadow RSVP (I like this product but I have forgotten about it and it was quite expensive so I need to start using it up). 

-L'Oreal HIP jelly balm (I recently got a new one of these and love them, but I haven't used this shade for a while now and want to start using it again).
- Palmers lipbalm ( Got this recently but I buy lipbalms on a regular basis and end up not using them, but I want this one to be used daily).
-MUA lipstick shade 12 (I like the formula of these but I haven't used it in a while and it is a really pretty colour so it shouldn't be too hard to use up).
-17 lipstick Beehive (Love this lipstick and formula but once again have started to forget about it, I will definitley carry on using this product as it is so moisturizing and pretty).
So these are the products I have chosen I will be doing regular updates on products that I have hit pan on and am loving/ hating, so please comment telling me if you have done this project yet and how it went!


  1. hey, i love your videos and blog :)i'd really appreciate if you looked at my blog and tell me what you think because im just beginning, and you and other youtubers inspired me! x

  2. hey CCBeauty of course I will check your blog out :-) I'm so glad that you enjoy reading my blog x

  3. Roisin! Hey :p hope work experience is going amazingly well! Might start project pan too? Wait yes, I am going to ahha. The products I will be 'panning' are:
    -Garnier BB cream (forgotton about it and it is a bit too dark :(-p.s. what do you think of it?))
    -All about face (Tesco ;p) blush in coral (gorgeous and so pigmented!)
    -I love strawberries and milkshake glossy lip balm
    -Collection 20000 shimmer and shade hilighter in just peachy.
    -Collection 2000 cream puffs in fairy cake and cotton candy (absolutely gorgeous-definatly reccommend!-Just repurchased before I finished them, was too eager haha)

    Will update you with my progress! :) Loads of love, Claire xxx

  4. Hey! yeah it is going good thanks and that's great but it is kinda hard if you like buying makeup haha, I quite liked the bb cream although i did have to have powder over it cos it looked a bit patchy as I have dry patches. Thanks for telling me about some great products I'll have to try them out after project pan :-)
    Roisin xxx

  5. i luv benefit's creaseless cream eyeshadow imo, they are one of the best cream based shadow base out there...i have quite a few of those, i dont have that particular colour though..i luv Gosh's liquid eyeliner..its the best waterproof eyeliner ive ever tried...havent tried their pencil liners though...


  6. I've given you the liebster blog award! Check out my post for more details! <3

  7. I decided to give your awesome blog an award! check it out on my blog if you like!


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