Friday, 3 February 2012

E.L.F. haul & first impressions

 I realised recently that I had not ordered off E.L.F. for quite a while and I was really in need of some new products (when I say in need, I basically mean WANT).
what really caught my attention was an offer they were having which was if I spent over £10 I would get free delivery and a 'mystery gift bag'. So I decided to place my long awaited order and after 5 days of waiting to receive it I finally got it on Friday 3rd Feb.

First product I ordered was the famous Powder brush, I have heard so much about this and have been wanting to purchase it for a while. A while ago I purchased the E.L.F. stipple brush for foundation and I found it too flimsy so now use it for blush, so I hoped this would work for foundation and so far so good, It is very dense and is super soft! Great quality for the price of £3.50.

I then decided to buy the complexion brush for powder and bronzer as this is quite a flat brush which I love as it is easy to pat the powder onto the face and also is able to contour without trouble of the brush being too big. Once again this brush to is super soft and is sold at £3.50.

 Purchasing this blush was a pretty quick decision for me, it is the studio blush in tickled pink and honestly I am really disappointed in this product, as you can tell by the swatch it is VERY sheer, I heard people say it was sheer but good for pale people and as I am pale I decided to give it a go, but this is far from sheer... There is literally NO colour pay off. A total disappointment.

                                                                               I received this tool kit (purple gem) set in the mystery bag, this is sold for £6.50 and honestly if I had purchased this with my own money I would have been hugely disappointed, although I didn't I still feel a bit of a let down as the travel mirror is very cheap feeling and the gems are wonky, the eyelash curlers didn't come with a protector (thing between the curler) and is very cheap feeling, the only good thing is the super cute gem tweezers.
 I also received a shimmer eyeliner in plum passion which is sold at £1, after using this once I loved the colour but the pigmentation was awful, I had to scrape at my waterline to get any colour at all, which wasn't worth it, I would usually say that I wouldn't mind as it is only £1 but MUA do MUCH better quality eyeliners then this, I don't feel there is an excuse...
Overall I have to admit I love the brushes and will definitely be buying more of them in the future, but as for the makeup items I purchased, I don't feel they are worth the effort, I would have much rather bought a few things from MUA then waste my money on products that don't even show up.... 


  1. I really need to try the elf powder brush, great post! :)x


  2. I have the two brushes you got and i love them! I have the blush too and i have the same problem, there is no colour pay off what so ever! x

  3. So pretty! Seriously, that tool kit is amazzzing!

    PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog, check it out if you'd like! :)

    ox from NYC,



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