Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas style nails (Tartan & Sparkle)

 I saw a picture of a nail design similar to this but I wanted to add my own twist to it and try it out for myself.

This design is taken from the idea of the 12 days of Christmas (10 pipers piping) although I added some gold sparkle to it to make it extra glamorous!

Step 1: apply a red base-coat colour to each nail I used the colourworks nail polish which came in a gift set. (You may need to do more then 1 coat).
Step 2: After you have let it dry and it isn't tacky take an eyeliner of your chose (BeautyUK) or a             black nail polish and apply in lines  to give a tartan effect. Be sure to not touch this while drying.

Step 3: Apply a coloured sparkly eyeliner down the centre line of your nail design to give it some sparkle (dont smudge it, leave to dry for 5 mins)

Step 4: Apply a top coat to keep everything in place!

 This design was so much fun to create and I love the fact that all products are reasonably priced!
I hope you enjoyed my blog post for today..
Good Luck

Friday, 23 December 2011

What's in my makeup bag?

Foundation - Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect £9.99 - superdrug

Powder - MAC MSF Natural-Light £18 - Debenhams

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer- Light2- £4.19 - Boots

L'OREAL blush - Rosewood - £7.69 - Boots

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - £20 - Debenhams

Carmex - strawberry - £2.69 - Boots

MAC studio sculpt concealer - NC15 - £13 - Debenhams

MUA Brow pencil - Blonde- £1

Maybelline one by one mascara - Black - Boots

Technic Blush - Free Magazine

Loreal super liner carbon gloss - £6 - Boots

Natural collection eyeshadow duo- mink/sable £1.99 - Boots

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Exact dupe for MAC Viva Glam Gaga?!

 I have talked about this dupe before in a couple of my videos, but for those who don't know here it is:
Miss sporty - Innocence 009 £2.59 
Quite moisturizing, kinda smells like hand sanitizer with that cucumber hint, is a beautiful bubblegum pink, simple packaging, sold in Boots and is very affordable.

MAC viva glam gaga Lustre £13.50

More moisturizing then the miss sporty one, but is that worth an extra £11? Has nice packaging, comes with the same amount of product and is also a bubblegum pink although it does have a nicer vanilla smell to it as I love the smell of MAC lipsticks!
 As you can see the packaging is very different MAC's packaging is alot more sleek and less chunky as the Miss sporty one is alot more chunky and also is more prone to writing fading off packaging. Although the packaging is alot different I can't honestly say that I HATE the miss sporty packaging as for £2.59 the packaging is fine. Both packaging is made of plastic so just because the MAC lipstick looks more expensive to make it doesn't mean it ACTUALLY is...
Honestly I know I don't really suit bubblegum pinks but I thought I would show you them on.
This is the Miss Sport lipstick, as I do have chapped 
lips at the moment this did feel a little drying but when my lips aren't dry it feels like a normal average lipstick, it comes off a little lighter then the viva glam one but does look very similar
 This one is the MAC viva Glam gaga lipstick, as you can see there isn't much difference although it was a lot more moisturizing and BTW I know I look like I am have a mug shot taken haha! This was darker then the miss sporty one and I felt more comfortable wearing this one personally but I still dont think it's worth the extra £11.
ALTHOUGH a portion of the profit MAC made on me buying this product did go to AID research therefore I can't complain, and I don't regret buying it for that reason.

MAC VGG (right)
Miss Sporty (left)
In this photo it does look like the miss sporty lipstick has more of a shine but I can honestly say that in person it doesn't. 
These 2 lipsticks are so similar its hard to tell them apart. Overall If you do have the spare money I recommend going for the Mac lipstick as some of the money goes to charity and it also is better quality and more moisturizing, but if your a student (like me)  or just don't have the money to splash then go for the Miss sporty one!!! 

Sleek original palette (worth the hype?)

Background info:
 I purchased this product because of the amount of hype it received among youtube, I was quite excited to purchase it for a reasonable price of  £6.49 for 12 eyeshadows.
First impressions:
At first I thought it was an amazing product even persuading my friend to buy it herself, I used it everyday for around 3 weeks and used it in many of my tutorials as the eyeshadows are very pigmented and gorgeous colours.

 Soon after I realised many of these colours weren't being used such as the purples, blues, greens and blacks, I was only really using the 3 neutrals and would find that after using these eyeshadows there would be a huge amount of fallout under my eyes making me look like the grudge haha! I have ended up hardly using this now and tend to go more for my Beauty UK palettes as they're alot cheaper and I prefer their formula.
Overall I feel like they are okay eyeshadows and great if you tend to use alot of bright colours or if not the storm palette is great if your okay with wiping off the fallout afterwards. I don't think that these eyeshadows are the kind that I would use as I even tried them with a primer and that just caused more annoyance as I couldn't blend the shadows.
If I could go back I would probably buy the storm palette rather then this palette although I still don't think that I would get on with that palette either as it would still have alot of fallout and would easily smudge. So for now I think I'll stick with my BeautyUK palettes.
P.S Thanks to all my new followers! <3

LUSH Snow fairy Body wash (Sparkles & Bubblegum.)

Hey Guys! Can't believe I actually decided to make a Blog! But I will definitely be updating it on a regular basis :-).
first thoughts:
I went into LUSH looking for snow fairy, as so many people talk about it on you tube, and I was expecting it to smell great and after smelling it I immediatley purchased the 250g one for £5.95. I love the smell its literally like bananas and candyfloss and bubblegum mixed together, its the best smell ever. It says on the container that your able to use it on your body and hair!

  Not only does it work great as a shower gel but I recently tried it as a bubble bath and worked really well, the bubbles were really fluffy but unfortunately not pink :-(. Pink is one of my favorite colors so not only does it smell great but it looks amazing. At the bottom of the bottle there are blue sparkles, which don't show up on your body but still gives it that extra bonus. In case you have sensitive skin don't worry I get mild excema and have very sensitive skin and this didn't bring me out in a rash at all. 
It's sad that they only sell it at christmas, although I have heard that the god mother soap is very much a soap version of snow fairy, so I will definitely try that out throughout 2012. It's a season must have and I recommend you pick one up or go to your closest lush and have a sniff! It is a product for all those girly girls out there who love bubble gum, pink and sparkles. Even though £5.95 sounds like a lot for a body wash it is great quality and can be used in various ways! I will definitely be repurchasing this product.