Saturday, 10 March 2012

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review

Recently I have been purchasing a lot of foundations trying to find the 'perfect' foundation for me. As I suffer from eczema but also have oily skin as well as the odd dry patch it's tricky for me to find a foundation that can cope with maintaining both areas of my skin. As I have been such a foundation junkie I decided to do a review on one I tried recently called Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation £8.99 Which you can purchase HERE

I purchased mine in 100 ivory and was excited to try it out as I had heard a lot of good reviews on youtube and on the boots website. Below is a swatch of the foundation, it looks too light for my skin in the swatch but actually if anything it is the tiniest bit too orange as I have very pale skin, although I knew this would be the case as Rimmel don't often cater for very dark or light skin tones. Rimmel designed this foundation for a wake me up effect (glowy/ dewy look but also giving a natural anti- fatigue effect) and I 100% agree with this statement, I suffer with very dull looking skin and after applying this I got many compliments and had a very even, glowing complexion which looked very natural, although if you are any paler then me you may not be able to get away with wearing it without looking orange.

 This foundation does have a scent (a very nice orange scent) so if you have very sensitive skin it may not be great for you, this foundation lasted 12 hours on my skin but I did have to powder it as it does get oily throughout the day as it contains illuminating particles within the foundation. The packaging is really good the bottle is very unique looking and they pull it all together with a very unique slanted lid which I think looks really quirky and fun also it comes with a pump which is possibly the best pump I have ever used as you can get out as much or little product as needed without wasting any (take note revlon). 
My skin before applying the foundation
 The foundation applied very easily and didn't dry too quickly leaving me time to blend it in, I use my fingers with this foundation but it is adaptable to most techniques in which you may want to apply it although I feel that fingers give the most natural, lightest coverage. The formula is relatively thick but not hugely thick as in my opinion it doesn't feel heavy on my face at all and leaves my skin looking glowy and healthy but dries 100% not leaving my skin feeling sticky or uncomfortable.

My skin after applying the foundation
 I highly recommend this foundation it is great as an everyday, medium/ full coverage foundation which will give you a lovely glow to your skin.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Long Time No Blog...

 I am so sorry for my lack of effort on my blog recently, it has been over a month since my last blog post and I feel as if I have abandoned it... Sorry!

I took a break as I did't have much inspiration but recently for my GCSE's I have been studying an artist of my choice. I chose Amedeo Modigliani, I love his work and decided to do a post on it.
On the left picture and below you can see that I tried to copy some of his work and am really inspired.
 I haven't really talked about my passion for art before but I thought this would be something different and fun for some of you to look at. If you have any requests for blog posts please comment!

For most of my art I really like to use pencil and shading but because of this artist I have been using watercolours as well as acrylic paints, which I am not crazy about but I thought I would give them a try for the sake of the project. The project my class have been given is to use contrast in our work incorporating 2 chosen artists, I have not yet chosen my second artist but if any of you have any ideas I would be grateful for you to give me some ideas.

Below is a picture I drew using chalk, this was for another project incorporating Georgia O'Keeffe, honestly I am not a fan of drawing flowers or of O'Keeffe work as flowers are possibly the most boring and unoriginal  drawings/ paintings ever. 

Sorry for this long, possibly uninteresting blog post but I thought it would be something different, I am going to be doing more blog posts from now on so please bare with me! 
Thanks for reading and have a great day.