Monday, 2 January 2012

My December favorites

Bourjois healthy mix foundation - At first I didn't get on with this foundation and hated the look of it on my face but after working with it I find the less you use the better the outcome. I have come to love this foundation and for £9.99 its a bargain!
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer- I have loved this concealer since the first time using this, it's my second one of this concealer and I am definitley going to repurchase it again!
Benefit primpcess eye primping set- I purchased this on a flight for a low price of £15 but it is usually sold for £29, I love this product the packaging is so cute and is so easy to travel with.
It includes: 
- sample of eyebright
- sample of boi-ing concealer in 2 (too dark for me)
- 3 eyeshadows which are really nice eyeshadows I have been using them all month!
- small version of bad gal mascara (which I found way too clumpy)
- sample of RSVP cream shadow base (love it and purchased the full version)

Overall I like this product mainly for the  eyebright, RSVP cream shadow and the eyeshadows!
I highly recommend this palette just for the eyeshadows and I have decided I will purchase the too faced natural eye palette as they have very similar colours in it and is selling for a bargain price at £23.
Loreal blush in Rosewood-
I love this blush even though it is made for medium skin tones I tried my mums and loved it so purchased my own for £7  I only recently started using it after having a major clear out in my makeup collection and have fallen in love with the colour, on the skin it looks like a very natural red/ coral dewy blush.
 Lip product:
Palmers lip butter lip balm- 
I heard another youtuber talk about this: Sunbeamsjess (who is one of my favorite youtubers)  and decided to buy one myself for a cheap price of £1.93 at boots, it smells just like cocoa butter/ chocolate and isn't waxy like some other lip balms, it's really moisturizing and has gotten rid of those winter chapped lips! Would definitely recommend it...

Skincare product:
Simple spotless skin moisturizer-
I have used 2 bottles of this and it is a product I can definitely rely on, I have acne prone skin, and although my acne isn't too bad it is only because this moisturizer helps it stop from getting bad, It helps moisturize my skin but doesn't leave it looking greasy and shiny. I wouldn't recommend it for people with dry skin as it isn't hugely moisturizing but it does help oil skin by reducing oil around the T-zone and stops from it clogging your pores (haha nasty...) 


  1. i love the collection 200 concealer too! :) i also have the full size version of bad gal lash, i love that, mine isn't clumpy at all :/xx

  2. Yeah The collection 2000 concealer is so good! And i have a small version of the bad gal mascara, so maybe it was made differently or something but I found mine to be reallt clumpy :-)


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