Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sleek original palette (worth the hype?)

Background info:
 I purchased this product because of the amount of hype it received among youtube, I was quite excited to purchase it for a reasonable price of  £6.49 for 12 eyeshadows.
First impressions:
At first I thought it was an amazing product even persuading my friend to buy it herself, I used it everyday for around 3 weeks and used it in many of my tutorials as the eyeshadows are very pigmented and gorgeous colours.

 Soon after I realised many of these colours weren't being used such as the purples, blues, greens and blacks, I was only really using the 3 neutrals and would find that after using these eyeshadows there would be a huge amount of fallout under my eyes making me look like the grudge haha! I have ended up hardly using this now and tend to go more for my Beauty UK palettes as they're alot cheaper and I prefer their formula.
Overall I feel like they are okay eyeshadows and great if you tend to use alot of bright colours or if not the storm palette is great if your okay with wiping off the fallout afterwards. I don't think that these eyeshadows are the kind that I would use as I even tried them with a primer and that just caused more annoyance as I couldn't blend the shadows.
If I could go back I would probably buy the storm palette rather then this palette although I still don't think that I would get on with that palette either as it would still have alot of fallout and would easily smudge. So for now I think I'll stick with my BeautyUK palettes.
P.S Thanks to all my new followers! <3


  1. I Prefer Beauty Uk Palettes Too.. x
    Please Have A Look At My Blog, You Don't Have To Follow If You Don't Like What You See :) x
    Also I Was Bored And Made A Random Banner For You Blog( Not That I Dont Like The One You Have Now... x) If You Would Like I Could E-Mail It Too You...x
    Merry Christmas... x

  2. Ive never heard of the palette! I only like about one colour in it though!
    The sleek storm palette is amazing though!

  3. Haha I agree! I should have probably bought the storm palette but I just son't think the sleek palettes work for me anyways :-)

  4. absoloutly love your blog so far! btw, how did you create your header thingy?xx

  5. Hey sophie :-) thankyou! and I actually created it on paint & it took me ages but it was well worth it :-)x


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