Thursday, 22 December 2011

LUSH Snow fairy Body wash (Sparkles & Bubblegum.)

Hey Guys! Can't believe I actually decided to make a Blog! But I will definitely be updating it on a regular basis :-).
first thoughts:
I went into LUSH looking for snow fairy, as so many people talk about it on you tube, and I was expecting it to smell great and after smelling it I immediatley purchased the 250g one for £5.95. I love the smell its literally like bananas and candyfloss and bubblegum mixed together, its the best smell ever. It says on the container that your able to use it on your body and hair!

  Not only does it work great as a shower gel but I recently tried it as a bubble bath and worked really well, the bubbles were really fluffy but unfortunately not pink :-(. Pink is one of my favorite colors so not only does it smell great but it looks amazing. At the bottom of the bottle there are blue sparkles, which don't show up on your body but still gives it that extra bonus. In case you have sensitive skin don't worry I get mild excema and have very sensitive skin and this didn't bring me out in a rash at all. 
It's sad that they only sell it at christmas, although I have heard that the god mother soap is very much a soap version of snow fairy, so I will definitely try that out throughout 2012. It's a season must have and I recommend you pick one up or go to your closest lush and have a sniff! It is a product for all those girly girls out there who love bubble gum, pink and sparkles. Even though £5.95 sounds like a lot for a body wash it is great quality and can be used in various ways! I will definitely be repurchasing this product.

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