Thursday, 22 December 2011

Exact dupe for MAC Viva Glam Gaga?!

 I have talked about this dupe before in a couple of my videos, but for those who don't know here it is:
Miss sporty - Innocence 009 £2.59 
Quite moisturizing, kinda smells like hand sanitizer with that cucumber hint, is a beautiful bubblegum pink, simple packaging, sold in Boots and is very affordable.

MAC viva glam gaga Lustre £13.50

More moisturizing then the miss sporty one, but is that worth an extra £11? Has nice packaging, comes with the same amount of product and is also a bubblegum pink although it does have a nicer vanilla smell to it as I love the smell of MAC lipsticks!
 As you can see the packaging is very different MAC's packaging is alot more sleek and less chunky as the Miss sporty one is alot more chunky and also is more prone to writing fading off packaging. Although the packaging is alot different I can't honestly say that I HATE the miss sporty packaging as for £2.59 the packaging is fine. Both packaging is made of plastic so just because the MAC lipstick looks more expensive to make it doesn't mean it ACTUALLY is...
Honestly I know I don't really suit bubblegum pinks but I thought I would show you them on.
This is the Miss Sport lipstick, as I do have chapped 
lips at the moment this did feel a little drying but when my lips aren't dry it feels like a normal average lipstick, it comes off a little lighter then the viva glam one but does look very similar
 This one is the MAC viva Glam gaga lipstick, as you can see there isn't much difference although it was a lot more moisturizing and BTW I know I look like I am have a mug shot taken haha! This was darker then the miss sporty one and I felt more comfortable wearing this one personally but I still dont think it's worth the extra £11.
ALTHOUGH a portion of the profit MAC made on me buying this product did go to AID research therefore I can't complain, and I don't regret buying it for that reason.

MAC VGG (right)
Miss Sporty (left)
In this photo it does look like the miss sporty lipstick has more of a shine but I can honestly say that in person it doesn't. 
These 2 lipsticks are so similar its hard to tell them apart. Overall If you do have the spare money I recommend going for the Mac lipstick as some of the money goes to charity and it also is better quality and more moisturizing, but if your a student (like me)  or just don't have the money to splash then go for the Miss sporty one!!! 

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