Friday, 27 April 2012

MAC Studio fix fluid V NARS Sheer glow

 As you can probably tell I am a huge foundation junkie, and even though I like drugstore ones I decided I wanted to branch out and try more expensive/ hyped about foundations as well.
This is going to be a review and a foundation 'war' per say as I am going to tell you which product I prefer and why after I have explained the pro's and con's of each ...

MAC SFF- £18 - 19.50
I think this is a pretty decent price considering that it is a higher end foundation and also one of the cheapest that MAC sells. 7/10
NARS SG- £28 - 30
I know it's a big price and honestly I don't know if I could ever convince myself that any foundation is worth £30. 4/10


MAC SFF lasted on my face for 12 hours, although it does not stay matte, this foundation, although is claimed to be matte actually has a pretty dewy finish although FULL coverage which was a nice surprise as I do not like very matte foundations. 10/10
NARS SG only lasted on my face a mere 6 hours and that was only after blotting many times. It did have a nice satin finish to the skin and gave medium coverage, although throughout the day it did oxidize a bit leaving any dry patches lighter then other areas. 5/10

MAC SFF- It is my perfect shade and thankfully does not oxidize on me, as I am the lightest shade in MAC I was worried it would be too pale but it turned out to be a great colour match as I love yellow toned foundations on my skin.
NARS SG- Is the slightest bit too orange but if I work with it, it can look fine, although I don't trust it for school so I usually end up only using it on the weekend or events. (Waste of £30...)

MAC SFF- 9/10 my go to foundation, and I will definitely re purchase it, although if you have VERY sensitive skin or are acne prone this foundation does contain some ingredients which can cause your skin irritation. Just something to keep in mind. 
For a drugstore dupe try out the revlon colorstay it is very similar although I prefer the MAC shades as they are warmer and less pink toned, although the lasting power and finish are very similar.
NARS SG- 6/10 I feel like I wasted money just because this was really raved about and it really wasn't all that good, it was okay, but not great I feel like it didn't live up to my expectations. LETDOWN.
      I can't say for certain as I haven't yet had the chance to try it, but the L'Oreal lumi magique foundation is supposed to be very similar to the NARS SG although have not as good shade selection, so it's worth a look.
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  1. you look lovely in the pictures, really wanna try the mac, but may have to try the revlon colourstay first!x

    1. Thankyou! You should definitely try it out when you are able to buy it as it is really worth the price but the revlon colorstay is great too :-) x

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  7. Great review! I'm a huge fan of the Studio Fix Powder so will have to check out the foundation based on this review!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Happy Tuesday Hun xoxo


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